Post Office Update

Fingers crossed that our Ramsay Post Office will be “rehomed” again on Ramsay’s Main Street! The following was received by our trustee Sue Roberts, who had previously volunteered to continue communication on behalf of the township-along with a good deal of other constituents and board members who took the time to help this effort.

Good afternoon, Ms. Roberts,

I just heard back from our USPS liaison, and construction on the new Ramsay office is still scheduled to begin late April/early May weather permitting, with completion still estimated for August 2024.

If no movement is made within the next couple of weeks, please let me know and I’ll reach out again.


Colin Gwillim

Legislative Assistant

Representative Jack Bergman (MI-01)


After a number of years of continued requests and communication, should the building finally arrive in Ramsay, much appreciation to Colin and Representative Jack Bergman for spearheading the efforts to make the project happen.  AND a big thank you to everyone that helped in the effort.  Stay tuned.  Have faith!  Together our community CAN do great things.

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