Post Office Construction

Bessemer Township shares the excitement of the progress with construction on the site of the new post office in Ramsay – located across from the municipal building on Mill St.  The long awaited project has finally begun and has sparked a great deal of enthusiasm among residents who have waited years to have this vital service restored-thanks to the diligent efforts of community members and the township board as well as our representatives whose assistance was sought to preserve the 49959 zip code.

This writer would like to recognize the tireless efforts of the following people who were instrumental in making this plea become a reality, and to extend the appreciation from all of us for never giving up: Beverly Ikola, Susan Roberts, Jim Pusakulich, Lisa Hegbloom and Jeff Randall.

In addition, thank you to all the other members of our community, our government representatives and friends who assisted the board with phone calls, letters, and/or other electronic or written communication to state support for retention of this crucial service in our community.  Your voice is important, your voice was heard, and your voice CAN make a difference!  On behalf of our community, we thank you!


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