Bessemer Township holds annual budget hearing


RAMSAY – The Bessemer Township Board held its annual public budget hearing on March 28 and then adopted its appropriations act for the new fiscal year during its regular board meeting, which followed. “Obviously with the cost of everything, wages going up, the cost of materials going up, the cost of gas going up, we did have an increase in the taxable value,” said Jeff Randall, township supervisor.

The township received a 3.33% increase in the taxable value due to the consumer price index that the state uses. Randall said this generated about another $40,000 for the township for the year. “It’s nice to have, but basically that was taken up by wage, insurance and fuel costs,” he said. “So I was thankful to get that increase because at least we are holding our own or staying even, if you will. So the amount that came in covers the added expenses going out.”

He said the township plans to do a little bit with parks and a little bit with roads. However, he said the township does not have any big projects coming up this year.

Next year, Randall said, the township is still looking to do a large water and sewer project, but that is separate from the general fund budget. The board unanimously passed the appropriations act, which gives the township the authority to spend the money that comes in through property tax

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