Park Improvement Project

The township is receiving a DNR grant where the township is responsible for 25 percent of the costs of the park and the DNR pays for the other 75 percent. The park will be Americans with Disabilities Act compliant as even the trails will use angular rock that will compact so wheelchairs can navigate the paths with ease.

Two bike racks are being installed near the upper parking area, which will accommodate both the park and the Iron Belle trailhead that is coming in the future. The basketball court will be a regulation high school sized court with an asphalt surface, while the tennis courts will have Action Floor Plans special epoxy surfaces, and the township can select the color scheme.

The old stairs from the upper parking area are being removed and new stairs are being built. The new stairs will have a 4 percent grade with 30 steps, which will be less dangerous than the current stairs are.

The play ground area is going to have a zipline and modular playground equipment. The modular equipment allows the township to expand the playground offering in the future is they so decide, while having only the second set of ziplines on a playground in the entire UP, according to Lovelace.

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