Drinking Water Warning Update – May 7th

Press Release
Contact Information:
Robert A. Brown Jr, City Manager
City of Wakefield
Office: 906.229.5131

For Immediate Release – DRINKING WATER WARNING Sunday test results and continue to boil water.

Wakefield, MI. (May 07, 2023)- On Saturday, May 6, 2023, the City collected samples from our
municipal water supply. The samples were collected from the City’s source water sampling point
and two locations within the City’s distribution system. The source water sampling point is where
the raw water from the aquifer enters our water system before the addition of chlorine and
The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy require two sets of samples,
taken twenty-four hours apart, from both our source water sampling points and distribution sites
to return negative results before lifting the water boil may be considered. The second set of
sample testing yielded four negative results from distribution sites and source water sampling
The City anticipates the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, and the
Western Upper Peninsula Health Department, will make a determination on Monday, May 8,
2023, regarding the lifting of the Water Boil Advisory. Until a decision is made, the Water Boil
Advisory remains in effect.
Please follow the Gogebic Range Water Authority’s Facebook Page and website for up-to-date
information regarding their operations and Water Boil Status.
If you have questions concerning this matter, please contact Dave Semenak, Water Operator, at



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